It isn’t long ago that we’d have thought it impossible for a small local business such as a locksmith, tree surgeon or roofer to feature in the results of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo. In those days it seemed that whatever you searched for you’d be presented with pages from Amazon, eBay and other such online giants. Those sites still dominate lots of searches but the search engines have realised that when we search for “decorator miami” we are looking for a local business, not a huge multi-national.

Nowadays local searches are all the rage. We’ve realised that when people search for a local business that our little home town business that has just three employees can actually rank number one in Google for that particular search. Many of us had given up trying to ever get our business on the first 10 pages of a Google search, let alone getting somewhere near the top of page one. All that has changed, Google now seems to actually want our sites to feature for local searches, in fact they often show local results for a search where we didn’t actually include the location.

We’re still not going to be number 1 for “auto insurance” or “lose weight” but at least we now have a fighting chance of featuring in local search results for our particular trade or profession and that’s a huge improvement.